Electronics recycling

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General description of problem products

Electronics 1


Large household appliances.
Washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, cooking appliances, electric cookers (except for refrigerators).

Electronics 2


Small household appliances.
Vacuum cleaners, brushes for carpets, other harvesting equipment, irons and other devices for ironing, folding laundry and other ways of clothing care, toasters, deep fryers, coffee grinders, coffee machines and equipment for opening containers or packages, electric knives, clippers, hair dryers , toothbrushes, shaving machines, massage devices, and other devices for body care, clocks, watches, and devices for measuring, displaying and recording time, scales.

Electronics 3


Infotechnological and telecommunication equipment.
Centralized automatic data processing; computers; minicomputers;  personal data processing; personal computers; copier machines; electrical and electronic typewriters, pocket and desk calculators; telephones; paystations; cordless telephones; mobile phones(except for monitors, printers, keyboards and TV sets).

Electronics 4


Electrical and electronic tools, except for large on-site industrial instruments.
Drills, saws, sewing machines; tools for welding, soldering; mowers and other garden tools.

Electronics 5


Dispensing machines.
Hot drink machines, cold and hot drink bottles & cans vending machines, vending machines for solid products, ATMs, various types of product dispensers.